Welcome to the Game Store Database.

This site provides database of stores that sell “German games” and other board games, and allows you to find those near a particular location. Users may enter the stores into the database and can add info about stores already in the database. See the Guide to adding stores.

Use the search boxes in the upper right to search by location or content and “click” the add button above to add a store. Pretty much, feel free to add anything that could be described as a games store, but the focus is on the same categories of games as Locations of stores are shown on a embedded Google map.

For more information about this site, see About and feel free to participate in the discussion page.

Why not just use an online yellow pages?
Because even though some have a “games” category, this is usually not as specific as the category this page is trying to serve (german games). Second, this page allows users to include comments, details such as regular gaming nights and other information on the pages for the store.

How does it calculate distances?
It uses google geocoding, and calculates distances as the crow flies, so you may get occasionally misleading results.

The support for addresses outside the US is sparse, but the system supports manually entering the latitude and longitude of a store if you so desire.